Webhooks not working since about 10 hours ago

Hello! I just checked and find that orders are not being pushed to CF since 10 hours ago. Before that, everything was working perfectly. Can this be resolved soon so that there will not be many missing orders where I have to create manually? Thank you!


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Hey @Strife can you pm me your account email I’ll check it out, and are you sure you didn’t change anything in Funnelish or Clickfunnels?

Same issue here. It started happening yesterday.

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we’ve had the same issue, as well since yesterday

Also the other integrations are not working, so peopel who purchase with paypal are not showing up in click funnels, and are not getting access to what they purchased

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@paulm616 @katemcj @Strife Saddly there isn’t much we can do about that issue, as suddenly yesterday at around 3PM Clickfunnels stopped recording PayPal sales, we have contacted them now to see what went wrong if it’s a bug on their end or something… Generally PayPal sales are sent from PayPal to Clickfunnels… will update this as we get an answer from CF support team.

For the time being, if there is anything we can do to help do let me know and I’ll do my best to help,

Thank you! Please help me to continue communicating with them to see if they are going to fix it or if it would be permanent. I will have to find another solution to link my orders to my store if it is a permanent change.

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We will be more than happy to help, if you can tell me what automations you need I can push for them to be added to Funnelish ASAP, what automations you need or use? @Strife

I am mainly using AppTrends to link sales from Clickfunnels to Shopify. Because AppTrends has the features we need in terms of creating bundles, it allows me to test many different product combinations. Since AppTrends get orders from clickfunnels, this is why we have to continue pushing orders there.

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Is it possible to have an automation to push orders from funnelish directly to AppTrends?

Makes sense, In fact our team been working on that feature for sometime now! (Bundling funnel orders and pushing them to Shopify directly) so you should be able to see it in Funnelish within the upcoming days (2 weeks maximum).

As for supporting AppTrends! We don’t have it on our roadmap yet but we’ll see the viability of that option for sure if there is enough demand for that feature. @Strife

Great! Looking forward to it. Thank you!

I am just using the Paypal plugin, so can have the option for Paypal payments and stripe on one check out, it is literally the only reason I purchased this app

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Hey @katemcj, of course that option is there you obviously and still can use it…

You can either use the “PayPal plugin” app or “Funnelish pay” which is even easier and tracks all sales within Funnelish.

I recommend that you read about the two apps at: Funnelish™ Docs

Hi Samlee,

But as I mentioned above I do use it, and it doesn’t work

see above I was referring to that plugin

the not showing up in click funnels is fine, but they need to get added to kajabi and active campaign when they purchase also, which happens through click funnels.

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Oh so tracking PayPal orders in Clickfunnels is essential to your case? if that’s the case please pm me your account email and I’ll look into it, generally we are waiting for an update back from Clickfunnels team to know what really happened on their side! it shouldn’t take long before it’s fixed!

In that case actually you don’t need to track your orders in CF at all, matter of fact you’ll be better of just using Funnelish Pay which is simpler and less complicated, and then push your orders from within Funnelish directly to ActiveCampaign (it’s supported) and from ActiveCampaign you can push them to Kajabi,

Hope that helps

you can’t push from Active campaign to Kajabi, their webhooks / API calls are not compatible. And the reason I was using click funnels at all was the direct connection

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Hmm interesting, as ActiveCampaign seemed to have a direct integration with Kajabi!