Where is Proofy?

I have Proofy activated in my apps and also within each funnel, but I have never seen it.
I’ve opened different pages in incognito to test, I get customers daily so I figure there are transactions for it to show.
Am I missing something?
Where does it show up and how do I get it to work properly?


I have also switched on the Manage Customers Data toggle in my profile.

Hmm… Interesting, but please keep in mind there are few apps that require being configured first at Funnel level before using them (eg. Proofy and PayPal App v2).

So I doubt that maybe you forgot to do any configuration for Proofy to work on.

Go under Your Funnel > Settings > Apps > Proofy (click it) then make sure to provide valid configuration…

Hello guys, I’ve installed it successfully. Can I translate parts of what it shows ? the “from” and “days ago” in french please ? is it possible ?

Hi, I’ve made all the funnels and set all the settings in each funnel to use pixel and proofy. Pixel is not firing. It was before. But now it’s not.

AND there are no proofy badges showing. How long is it set to show them? I had some sales over the weekend.
Thank you.

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I’ve added my FB pixel back for now since it wasn’t firing with your plugin.

Hey, please refrain from using Funnelish for pixel tracking. The app is great, but the pixel tracking isn’t. Inaccurate & misfires. Can’t rely on it. Take care.

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Hi Farid, did you find how to translate the words in french? I’m trying to do the same thing with no success since few months and I didn’t receive any answer to this question from the support team…

Yassine, Samantha :

please find my question below