"Your credit card was declined, please update your card." ISSUE, NEED HELP!

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Hello guys, I got a really big issue, which makes it next to impossible to continue to work with Funnelish. I can not receive credit card sales anymore, since customers are getting the error: “Your credit card was declined, please update your card.”


I really like this app, but I will need some serious help on this one!

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Ah, I since I read a lot about this issue, here are some notes:

I am using 1 product per OTO, not more.
I always use only one OTO Button, not more!
It can not be an issue with Stripe since I can pay with my credit card on my Shopify store using the same Stripe account.
I am based in EU.

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Hi @dennisthoms,

That’s very easy to fix, though will need to see your OTO URL first to make better assumptions, but I assume it’s most likely related to this issue: Funnelish - OTO #yes-link-multi Not Working

When trying to use #yes-link-multi CF will prevent the PayPal app from tracking which button is clicked…

Let me know how that goes, and if you can share your OTO URL will be able to help better,