How to Add Paypal Payment Option in 2 Step Order Form?

Hi Everyone,

 Im new to Funnelish....
 How do you add the paypal payment in the 2nd step of the Order Form?
 Thank you.
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Welcome :slight_smile:

hmm… Did u follow the instructions at this tutorial:

It’s kind off all you need to get you started, but if you are facing some special case, you can reply with the link to the order form and will check it for you.

Generally speaking, this is what you need to check:

  1. Did you add your funnel & steps & products in Funnelish?!
  2. Did you use the actual URL of your step URL (ie. the URL seen on your browser when visiting the page).

That’s it :slight_smile:

ok. i got it… How will I test the OTO? Is there a way to try it with sandbox paypal?
I tried to use a sandbox biz account but the problem is instead of redirecting to
it will redirect to site which doesn’t accept sandbox accounts.
Is there a way to change the redirect to so I can test it?

@tmleonidas i don’t think u can redirect to sandbox accounts now unless u do it manually from your browser by adding an extra “sandbox.” infront of the paypal one.

that’s really kind of advanced thus, the best testing method would be lowering the price to 0.01$ within funnelish alone and test it out, :slight_smile:

Changing the price to 0.01$ is the best suggested way, since CF itself supports that and doesn’t support sandboxes…

hope that helps

i setup 2 OTO’s, and i tried the $0.01, after the 1st OTO, it wont go back to the site for the 2nd OTO… is there something wrong with the setup? There’s no problem with stripe oto payments.

hmm…; so if i get it right, the first OTO works, but second OTO doesn’t!

but you didn’t really specify what’s exactly happening!

Mainly check these:

  1. Did you add your OTO2 to the funnelish app?!
  2. Did you add the Thank you page to the funnelish App?!
  3. If you see “Return to merchant” button you can make the redirect automated by following this guide

Hope that helps!

ok, oto’s are working now… but one more problem, the thank you page or confirmation page, doesn’t show the total orders. it only show’s one product, just my oto 1. Is there a way to display all products breakdown from initial offer to oto1 and oto 2?


that’s a known CF issue, they said they’re going to fix that but not sure when :frowning: it has been quite long, now all we do is avoid showing products summary on thank you pages entirely…

hope that helps!

Is this issue only with Paypal Payments?

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Yep they have it on all 3rd Party payment gateways, Paypal, Jvzoo…Etc

Is it possible to have 2 Thank you pages? One for normal card payment and the other is for Paypal?
If the customer chooses to pay by paypal, the confirmation page that will show is the one that has no
products items.

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YES :slight_smile: that’s possible, create a new Thank you page on CF, and then add it to our funnelish app…
(remove the old thank you page from funnelish, but keep it on CF), and then everyone who buys using funnelish (paypal) will be shown the new thank you page, and everyone who buys using Stripe, will be shown the normal flow from CF.

Generally speaking, Funnelish, is very dynamic in that term, so you can really do some nice things by manipulating the flow of your funnel, just get creative :slight_smile:


Is there something wrong with the 2 Step Form today?
It the Complete Order Button doesnt proceed…
I tested last night and its working… its just suddenly not working.
CF are not supporting thirdparty custom code… I thought funnelish is a partner of CF.

Nop we are not partners but we are affiliated :slight_smile: .

Can you please clarify, and share your link so we can check it out :slight_smile: generally speaking our platform seems working properly so far :slight_smile:

CF Support fixed it… They said that custom code is causing the problem.
And they don’t support third party custom codes…

hmm ok what was the problem they fixed?! :o and how they fixed it if they don’t support 3rd party codes.
And what’s the exact issue again so I can help you out :slight_smile:

And as said above sending me your links will help debug any issues you might be having :slight_smile: